Selling with Ease without the Sleaze | Sales Training
Selling with Ease without the Sleaze

Selling with Ease without the Sleaze

Not comfortable with selling?

Scared that if you try to sell, you will come across as a pushy, in-your-face sales person?

Do you need to sell more to become profitable?

“Sales” is not a dark art, well, it doesn’t need to be and contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be an in-your-face sales person.

The main aim of this workshop is to take the fear out of selling. It will show you sales techniques that you will be comfortable using and which will help you win more business without compromising your own values. Sound good?

Selling with Ease without the Sleaze workshop covers:

  • What Sales actually means
  • Understanding what makes customers buy and how they like to be treated
  • Learning a way of presenting your product/service to a customer in a non-threatening way and which clearly shows how it will benefit them
  • How to be 100% confident that you are providing value for money;
  • How to be able to overcome the “NO”s
  • Overcoming your fear of rejection
  • Learning good questioning techniques to make the sales process easy
  • Gaining confidence in the sales process.

Ideal for?

This workshop has been developed to help two types of individuals, those who are not natural sales people that would like to learn sales techniques and those who would like to brush up their sales skills.

Virtual Workshops

Learn at your own pace - £45

One-to-One Workshops

Work through the course in a one-to-one session with Julie - £250

Group Learning Workshops

An opportunity to learn with discussion and input from other delegates.
Please note that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all group learning workshops will be run via Zoom until further notice.

Workshop cost: