Telephone Skills Workshop | The Sales Manager

Presenting Yourself on the Telephone*

Would you rather send an email than pick up the phone?
Do you get nervous before making a phone call?
Do you feel flustered when you are on the phone?
Then this is for you. An email isn’t always the best form of contacting a client or the most productive, yet these days, it seems to be most people’s natural default.
This Telephone Skills workshop has been designed to help you feel more comfortable about picking up the phone by giving you guidance on how to structure the call and how to overcome any potential objections.

This workshop isn’t focussed on cold calling, although some of the principles are the same. This is for people who want to feel more comfortable talking on the phone whether that be following up quotes or booking an appointment in your diary with a client.

Presenting Yourself On The Telephone workshop will cover:

  • The root cause of your fear about picking up the telephone
  • How to overcome your reluctance to pick up the phone
  • Presenting yourself on the telephone and getting the most from your calls
  • What you say and how you sound on the phone
  • Learn techniques to feel more confident on the telephone 
  • What to say when making a call
  • How to structure your phone call
  • How to deal with any objections
  • How to end your phone call.

Ideal for?

  • People who are scared to pick up the phone
  • Marketing people
  • Sales people
  • Accountants/Finance people

Workshop Schedule

*Buy 1 of each of the half day Sales workshops and get a £40 discount
29 Jun
Half Day
10 Aug
Half Day
21 Sep
Half Day
26 Oct
Half Day
30 Nov
Half Day