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Help! How do I Follow Up an Enquiry?

Help! How do I Follow Up an Enquiry?

Would you rather send an email than pick up the phone when following up a lead?
Do you get nervous before making a phone call?
Are you afraid of appearing to be a "pushy" sales-person?
Then this is for you.

An email isn’t always the best form of contacting a prospect or the most productive. If you are afraid of coming across as a "pushy" sales-person then picking up the phone to speak to a prospective customer is a more comforting approach, but, people buy from people, so it is important to establish a rapport early in the sales process.  
This lead conversion workshop has been designed to help you feel more comfortable about picking up the phone by giving you guidance on how to structure the call, how to overcome any potential objections and how to convert the lead into a sale or a face to face meeting without YOU feeling "pushy". 

'Help! How do I Follow Up an Enquiry?' workshop will cover:

  • The root cause of your fear about picking up the telephone
  • How to overcome your reluctance to pick up the phone
  • Communication techniques to give YOU confidence and instil confidence in your prospective customer 
  • How to start the phone call
  • What questions to ask to qualify the lead properly
  • How to deal with any objections
  • How to ask for the sale or meeting without being or feeling pushy
  • How to end your phone call 

Ideal for?

  • People who class themselves as "not a natural sales-person".

Virtual Workshops

Learn at your own pace - £45

One-to-One Workshops

Work through the course in a one-to-one session with Julie - £250

Group Learning Workshops

An opportunity to learn with discussion and input from other delegates.
Please note that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all group learning workshops will be run via Zoom until further notice.

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