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The High Billing Temp Consultant

The High Billing Temp Consultant

Are you new to temp recruitment?

Are you currently a Temp Consultant and want to improve your billings?
Speed is the essence for a Temps Consultant, and whatever industry you are working in, you need to attract and keep quality temp candidates.  This workshop will give you the skills to run your desk effectively and become a high billing Temp Consultant.

The High Billing Temps Consultant workshop will cover:

  • How to attract and keep quality candidates
  • Pre-screening
  • Effective interviewing skills for temp consultant
  • Marketing the candidate
  • Managing the candidate and client relationship during and after the temp booking
  • Top tips for running a high billing temp desk

Ideal for?

Any Temps Consultant within fast paced temps desk, e.g. industrial, commercial, driving, construction, etc.

Group Learning Workshops

An opportunity to learn with discussion and input from other delegates.
Please note that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all group learning workshops will be run via Zoom until further notice.

Workshop cost: