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The Art of Negotiation*

Do you always give discounts?

Do you think that you need to give a discount to win the business?

Do you sit there wondering how you are going to grow and make money at the prices that you are charging?
When you don’t know how to negotiate, your natural reaction is to resist entering into negotiation and give in to customer demands, such as discounts.
People generally think that negotiation means dropping your prices. What we teach you is how to negotiate, but deliver more profit into your business.

Our Art of Negotiation workshop will cover:

  • What negotiation is;
  • The basic principles of negotiation
  • Negotiation drivers
  • Negotiation elements to consider
  • How to deal with emotions
  • How to prepare and plan for negotiation
  • Your Negotiation tools
  • Trade concessions
  • How to recognise behaviours and tactics used in negotiation
  • Negotiation mistakes
  • How to achieve a win/win outcome.

Ideal for?

This workshop is great for experienced people in need of a refresh but also ideal for people who are new to negotiating or who often give discounts.


This workshop runs from 9.30am - 12.30pm.

Workshop Schedule

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