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Sales Support

Sales Support can cover a broad range of situations. We can provide sales support by operating as an outsourced Sales Director, a Sales Coach or a Sales Recruitment Mentor.

Who would benefit from Sales Support?

Business owners who aren’t sales people, we can help them to:

  • Manage a sales team
  • Recruit a new sales team member
  • Run their weekly/monthly sales meetings
  • Set and help them to achieve KPIs
  • Manage difficult team members.
Sales Managers who need help with:
  • Achieving targets
  • Setting, managing and reporting on staff targets
  • Coaching and developing their team.

I have a difficult member of staff. How would you deal with this?

It’s naturally going to happen. You will have some people you can relate to very well and others that seem to be making your life difficult.
In all honesty, it’s finding out what drives that individual and analysing why they are perceived as difficult.

The perception of being difficult could be simply down to the way in which they are communicated with and based on their personality type they may need a different approach. It’s our job to find that out and work with you to manage them and any difficult situations.

How long do I need sales support?

We can provide sales support for as long as you need it. Generally, you will see significant changes and improvements within 3 months but some have seen results as quickly as 30 days.

We set 30, 60, 90 day plans with key goals and objectives to measure this.

Do you set our targets?

When we get together it’s great to have an idea about targets but we can work on those together to ensure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Is it confidential?


Is it 1-on-1? Or can you support more than one individual?

Sales support is generally on a 1-2-1 basis or a small group of managers that will need an element of 1-2-1 work. So, yes, it’s 1-2-1 but we can support more than one individual.

How often would you meet with us?

As often or as little as you would like, but generally we would meet monthly as a minimum.

Do you give homework?

Yes. Every session starts with a review of the month (or X period of time) since the last meeting. We review goals and objectives and we set action plans for you to achieve for when we next meet.

I need to recruit a sales person, how can you help?

It’s difficult to recruit for a role that isn’t naturally your own role or area of expertise – what questions do you need to ask? What should you be looking for on their CV? Should you set them a task to complete at interview?

Our M.D. Julie, spent 20 years in recruitment; she knows it like the back of her hand, but she also knows Sales. Julie can provide consultancy on the recruitment process, ensuring that you recruit the right sales team member.

It depends on how involved you want her in the recruitment process. If needed, Julie can:
  • Brief agencies;
  • Write a job advert;
  • Shortlist applicants;
  • Deal with all communication with potential candidates;
  • Conduct a 1st stage interview;
  • Conduct regular debrief sessions on progress made and any potential issues;
  • Conduct a 2nd stage interview with you (the client);
  • Negotiation the job offer.

How accessible are you?

Very. Although we may be training, there is always someone here to answer the phone and pass a message on. Additionally, everyone who is involved in sales support will receive Julie’s mobile number to call or text.

Why do I need this?

Those who need to manage sales people without having done so before can find it difficult, which means that perhaps that member of staff may not be trained, coached and motivated in the right way. This may ultimately  impact on your profit.

For Sales Managers, the sales support can be a lifeline for them to have a go-to person who has had experience dealing with all sorts of situations that they can call on for support. Additionally, to help them drive their own sales team forward. It’s not about taking over; it’s about helping them to deal with it. 

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