The Sales Club - For Existing Workshop Attendees

The Sales Club

As a result of the feedback from individuals that have attended the workshops, we have created an exclusive club, called The Sales Club, which is for business owners who have attended one or more of The Sales Manager workshops and would like help and support on their sales journey.
The Sales Club is aimed specifically at business owners of small businesses. Most owners of this size of business rarely have the opportunity to focus on their own development don’t get time to work on their business rather than in it and often, don’t have someone to bounce ideas with that understand small business issues.
The Sales Club answers all of that;

  • It’s run by Julie Futcher, M.D. of The Sales Manager, a small but growing business.
  • You are in a room where other attendees are small business owners with just themselves in the business or have a few employees.
  • We meet on a bi-monthly basis on a Saturday which means as a business owner we can “justify” it to ourselves.
  • Each meeting is aimed at coaching you through Sales issues but also, any other issues that are coming up in your business.
  • Each meeting has a training refresh slot.
  • Everything is treated in the strictest confidence.

What will I get as a Sales Club member?

  • Bi-monthly group meeting – choose from two groups – Market Harborough or Northampton, or attend both!
  • Bi-monthly 1-2-1 with Julie for ongoing focussed support
  • Queries throughout the month? Give Julie a call.
  • Exclusive Facebook group for Sales Clubbers to gain support and motivate each other.
  • Sales training refresh
  • £25 off Full Day training workshops
  • £15 off Half Day training workshops
  • Monthly newsletter with support and tips.

How much is it going to cost me?

£50.00+VAT per month which will be taken by Direct Debit.

Where do the Sales Club meetings take place?

We have two clubs; Market Harborough and Northampton:

  • Market Harborough venue: The Three Swans, 21 High Street, Market Harborough. LE16 7NJ 
  • Northampton venue: The Nova Centre, 1 Purser Road, Northampton, NN1 4PG.

How often do you meet? What day do you meet? How long is the meeting?

The Sales Club convenes every 2 months at their associated venue on a Saturday, for 2 hours.

Give me a rough idea of what happens at a Sales Club meeting.

No problem. Everyone meets promptly at 9.30am, we all sit down for a complimentary drink and biscuits supplied by Julie.
Each member then is given 10 minutes each to talk about successes and issues in that month. This is not limited to “sales” issues. Members have discussed marketing issues, staff issues and time management issues.

Each member provides insight, advice and support to that member to assist in resolving that issue.

For around 15 minutes, a pre-nominated speaker talks on a different aspect of business. Previous speakers have talked about CRM’s, Email marketing and Referral Marketing.

For another 15-30 minutes, Julie carries out a sales skill refresh or tailored sales training based on what the group want to focus on.

Before the meeting closes, Julie talks to the group about what speaker they would like to see at the next meeting and what training they would like her to carry out.

Most members mingle around afterwards but you can head off straight away.

How many people are in The Sales Club?

Each meeting will comprise of a maximum of 8 people to ensure everyone gets a chance to discuss their issues and gain support from the members.

What happens in my 1-2-1 session with Julie?

The 1-2-1 sessions (and the Sales Club meeting) are not designed to “beat you with a stick” if you are not on track, but they are there to help and support. The 1-2-1 session with Julie just means that you get focused, bespoke support, there and then.

Typically, Julie will sit down and work with you and look at your Sales plan and figures, giving you suggestions for improvement as well as discuss any obstacles.

Can I move to a different group? What if I can’t make my usual Club?

Numbers permitting you can attend both, Market Harborough and Northampton if you wish. If you can’t make one or want to switch to the other, again not a problem, numbers permitting.

How long do I need to be in the club? What is the commitment?

There is no commitment, you can cancel at any time but we would recommend that you give it at least 6 months.

Can anyone attend?

No, it’s reserved for those who have attended one or more of The Sales Manager’s training workshops and specifically for business owners.

Do I have to be a certain size company?

The Sales Club is aimed at small businesses from one-man-bands up to 15 employees.

Is it confidential?

Just like Fight Club, what happens in The Sales Club, stays in the The Sales Club!

Sign me up!

Great stuff. 

Email Julie on or
call the office on 01604 532004 to find out when the next meeting is.