An Overview Of Our Services At The Sales Manager

Services Overview

At The Sales Manager we want to help businesses, whether they are small, medium or large, to improve their sales techniques and win more business. 
Whether you are new to the field, a seasoned salesperson in need of a skills brush-up or a manager looking for a helping hand, we offer a range of workshops, in-house training and sales support options.
sales training
We design training programs around core issues such as: “My sales team are not effective on the phone”, “My sales team are not winning business face to face” and “My sales team are not achieving targets”. We help sales teams up good habits and make them more effective at winning business. more...
Our Sales Support is a lifeline for Sales Managers and Business owners. We operate as “go-to” person for our experience in dealing with all sorts of situations that they can call on for support to help drive their team forward. 
It’s not about taking over, it’s about helping them to deal with it.