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In-House Training

An off-the-shelf solution is not always the answer, so we offer in-house training programs on a 1-2-1 basis or for sales teams.
The most common issues that we hear that businesses are having are:

“My sales team can’t close”
“My sales team are not effective on the phone.”
“My sales team are not winning business face to face.”
“My sales team are not achieving targets.”

We design training programs around these core issues and set sales teams up with good habits to make them more effective, thus winning more business.

Why should I train my sales team? Shouldn’t they know it all?

This is a common question that we get asked and our answer is this: people forget and they get stuck in their ways.

We hear it a lot from very experienced sales people; they get used to doing things in a certain way and they appreciate a skills refresh to start developing better habits.

Even after we design a training program and deliver it, that sales team will need ongoing support from their manager to coach, motivate and continue their learning. We can deliver ongoing sales support but we can also train managers how to provide their sales team with that level of support.

Typical programs

The training can be one-off, embedded over several months, or we can design an induction program for new sales team members.
Recent programs we have designed:

  • Recruitment consultant induction program – perms and temps
  • How to be an Effective Sales Manager
  • Effective telesales
  • Training Account Managers on how to follow up on quotes and identify additional opportunities
  • Effective Face to Face meetings

What’s the advantage of being in-house?

We find that in-house training is a cost-effective solution for businesses because it means limited disruption. We can train on-site and the training program is designed to resolve issues relating to your business and your industry.

Additionally, once the training has been held, a follow up call will be arranged with you to deliver feedback such as how engaged the room was, who requires more training and any productive discussions.

What size of groups do you train?

We can deliver 1-2-1 training sessions or for groups up to 10.

Do I need to provide anything?

Yes, we need your business objectives. We can’t train your staff to achieve X without knowing what X is.

What do I get at the end of it?

An effective sales team that practises good habits and that wins more business.

So, our questions to you: How effective is your sales team? Would you like them to win more business?

If the answer is Yes, then, please call us on 01604 532004