Recruitment Services | The Sales Manager


Is it time to grow your business?
Do you wish you had a dedicated salesperson?
Does the idea of recruiting fill you with nerves?

The Sales Manager Recruitment Division specialises in placing salespeople into your business. But, not only do we source, interview and place the right candidate, our unique ‘Sales Academy’ service provides training and ongoing support to help embed them into your organisation. 

When hiring into our own telemarketing team, we realised two things:
  • ‘Growing your Own’ works… we didn’t look for experienced salespeople, instead, we found that candidates from a variety of backgrounds with strong problem solving skills, make excellent salespeople.
  • No one in the marketplace offers a combined recruitment and training service; a service which would enable businesses without a training division to grow their own talent.
So, we thought, who better than us to fill that gap?
Enter the Sales Academy!
  • We’ll advertise the role
  • We’ll filter candidates, conduct preliminary interviews and present them to you
  • Once the candidate is placed, they’ll receive a full days training with us, as well as ongoing support as they’re embedded into your business
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