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Sales E-Learning courses

E-Learning Courses

Would you like to improve your sales skills but don't have the time to attend a training course?  

Running your own business is a challenge!

You need to balance the day to day delivery of what you do with the administrative tasks like accounts, marketing, etc. This leaves very little time for improving your skills, especially if you've identified that failure to do so is going to have an impact on bringing money into the business.  Lack of sales = lack of funds for self-improvement.  It's a vicious circle!   

Here's where our sales e-learning courses will help! 

You can learn in your own time and at your own speed so you can work this around the demands of your business.  Most importantly, they are not time-bound like some of the e-learning courses available, they're not going to expire in 2 weeks' time and you miss out!   Oh and, they're cost is only £45 inc VAT, making this a very affordable way to improve your skills.

Not sure which course to choose first?  We suggest starting with these:

Selling with Ease without the Sleaze - learn basic sales skills and how to use them effectively, but without being pushy

How do I Make the Sales Happen? - shows you how to set up a sales plan, create a sales pipeline, and how to make it all happen.

Once you have completed these, you can then do the others in whichever order you wish.
Help! How do I Follow Up an Enquiry?

Would you rather send an email than pick up the phone when following up a lead? Do you get nervous before making a phone call?  Are you afraid of appearing to be a "pushy" sales-person? 

Then this workshop is for you. 
How do I make the Sales Happen?

Do you sit there, worrying, thinking where is the business going to come from? Then it’s time to get booked onto this workshop. 
How to Confidently Run a Customer Meeting

Our workshop has been designed to teach you how to get the most from the meeting. It gives a structured approach which will help you to win business without your customer feeling “sold to” and without you feeling uncomfortable about “selling” your product or services. 
Oh No! They want to Haggle

People generally think that negotiation means dropping your price. What we teach you is how to negotiate, but deliver more profit into your business. 
Selling with Ease without the Sleaze

The main aim of this workshop is to take the fear out of selling. It will show you sales techniques that you will be comfortable using and which will help you win more business without compromising your own values.

Sound good?