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Simone with her Leaving Flowers Well, what can I say the time has come for me to take a new direction in my personal life...more
I have two great loves in my life, gin and cake (well actually my parents and my friends feature before...more
3 Things that make me Happy!
 #Exercise #Laughter #Chocolate
1. Exercise
I love the feeling...
As I sat down to write this blog, my mind did what so many people’s does… went completely and utterly...more
For a little insight into my life outside of work I decided to let you in on the three electronics...more
Last month, George and I traveled 5000 miles across the world to spend two weeks in Southern India. We arrived with...more
Anyone who knows me, knows my tipple of choice is gin! Fruit gin, normal gin, fancy tonics, whatever the mix,...more
A whole week ago now we were turning off Monday alarms and thanking the creator of bank holidays that another...more