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Ok, so, just recently, I had someone contact me via LinkedIn. I accepted the invitation, that’s absolutely fine, I’m very,...more
Ok, this week and the following two Sales Tips are affectionately known as ‘Julie’s Beefing Sessions’ and I’m going to...more
Hi everybody, Julie and Alfie here from The Sales Manager! Welcome to our Sales Tip of the Week. I thought...more
It’s great that the industry is leaving behind the ‘used car salesman’ stereotype and moving toward softer sales techniques, problem-solving...more
Hi everybody, Julie here from The Sales Manager, welcome to this week’s Sales Tip of the Week. This week is...more
So, last week I was talking about how using an Activity Tracker can help you start the momentum going in...more
Hi everyone, Simone Leeson from The Sales Manager. Today I’m going to talk to you about one of my favourite...more