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Laura-Anne Williams from Get Social joins Julie to talk about how you can successfully use social media for your new...more
8 Tips for Getting Round a Gatekeeper by The Sales Manager A gatekeeper is anyone who forms a barrier between you and the decision-maker. It’s a person whose job it is...more
The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make when Looking for New Business by The Sales Manager If you’re not winning clients, you’ve not got a business. Plain and simple. But it doesn’t always come easily.more
In sales, if we can actually understand what the customer’s needs, wants, issues or problems are, we can tell them...more
Now, before you launch your business I would highly, highly recommend doing some research and sitting down to do some...more
10 Essential Skills for a Successful Salesperson by The Sales Manager What does it really take to be a salesperson? For a start, it takes these ten essential skills!more
How do you define ‘success’? Well, I wanted to pose this question to you all because I’ve been having some...more
Changing Work Habits: how We're Responding Now and what We'll be doing in the Future by The Sales Manager A lot has changed in the last 10 weeks. Not least for businesses. Regulations have forced many of us to...more
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