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Meetings, Motivation & Content Creation: 6 Guest Blogs by The Sales Manager Guest blogging is a brilliant way to get yourself in front of new audiences, as well as stretching you to...more
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Team Alignment; there is no 'I' in TEAM, by Kathy Bassett You will have heard of the saying United we stand, divided we fall.  Success in business takes teamwork and it...more
How to Use Live Streaming Video for your Small Business, Daniel Harker-Barnes Hosting a live stream can be a great way to start a two-way dialogue with valuable customers and prospects, but...more
How to Make Effective Client Meeting Notes, Kay Buckby I first did meeting notes, or Minutes, way back in 1992 when I joined a manufacturing company. I know I...more
Managing Stress There’s no denying that everyone has been stressed at one point or another in their life, right? Whether that stress...more
The Little Red Book of Selling: a Review As a part of my training for the role I have been given at The Sales Manger I have read...more
Don't Forget the 'C' Word! People often say that to be successful in networking you first must become ‘Visible’ and then Credible before you have...more