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Hello everyone, Courtney here from The Sales Manager, today I’ll be finishing off your Summer Reading List with ‘The...more
Hi everyone, Simone Leeson from The Sales Manager. Today I’m going to talk to you about one of my favourite...more
I have two great loves in my life, gin and cake (well actually my parents and my friends feature before...more
Hi everybody, Julie here from The Sales Manager, welcome to this week’s Sales Tip of the Week. Last week you...more
If you follow us regularly, you’ll know just how often we talk about planning, forecasting and building your pipeline. You...more
3 Things that make me Happy!
 #Exercise #Laughter #Chocolate
1. Exercise
I love the feeling...
Hello everyone, it’s Courtney here from the Telemarketing Division of The Sales Manager and today I want to talk to...more
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