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Common Hurdles to Closing - & how to get over them! by The Sales Manager Picture the scene, after months of trying to get through to a prospect, you’ve finally reached the decision maker. You...more
Hi everybody, Julie here from The Sales Manager. Welcome to this week’s Sales Tip of the Week. This week I’m...more
Managers; do you do these 5 things daily? by The Sales Manager Ask anyone and they’ll tell you about a great manager they’ve had in their working lives. However, they’ll probably also...more
This week I thought I would share with you three LinkedIn activities that can help generate sales...more
5 Actions to Kick Start the Year by The Sales Manager 2020 is upon us and, as a business owner, manager or team member, this can be a really good time...more
I’m going to do something slightly different and I’m going to talk about something that I very, very rarely do...more
Movember; what does your appearance say about you? (and why does it matter?) by The Sales Manager Movember – the annual facial hair growing, fundraising celebration of all things ‘tash. I don’t know about you, but while...more
Why is Kindness Imperative to Sales? by The Sales Manager Kindness isn’t something that often pops into one’s mind when they hear the word ‘corporate’. History and popular culture have...more
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