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Elliott and I got to talking about the film The Wolf of Wall Street. I saw it two months ago,...more
This week I’m going to bang on about my favourite, favourite topic, and that is Sales Planning.
This week, the subject is quote follow up, and this is something that I have spoken about before, but, I...more
Givers Gain... 3 Reasons it Doesn't Work and What You can do about it Take the time to build a relationship with any new contacts.  Once you are comfortable with them it becomes easier...more
One of the things we have to look at, as Sales Managers, is what happened if one of the people...more
From the minute I greeted the first candidate, I felt overwhelmed with nerves. I felt like I did when I...more
We’re going to talk about Coaching this week. What’s really interesting is the number of Sales Managers I meet that...more
“I’ve learned that -
People will forget what you said.
people will forget what you did,
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