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Laura-Anne Williams from Get Social joins Julie to talk about how you can successfully use social media for your new...more
Mark Coster from Pixooma joins Julie to talk about the importance of branding for your new business.
8 Tips for Getting Round a Gatekeeper by The Sales Manager A gatekeeper is anyone who forms a barrier between you and the decision-maker. It’s a person whose job it is...more
What do people need to look out for and be aware of when they’re setting up their first website?more
How Do I Manage My Sales Pipeline? by The Sales Manager Having a sales pipeline is important if you want to futureproof your business. Knowing what business is coming in or...more
Our 5 Go-To Sales Blogs by The Sales Manager This week, I’m outlining our 5 go-to sales blogs (aside from our own of course!).more
What's Missing from Your Sales Process? by The Sales Manager Do you own your own business?
Are you scared of selling your services?
Are your sales team effective?
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