Dealing with Uncertainty | a Back to Basics Approach | The Sales Manager

DEALING WITH UNCERTAINTY | A Back to Basics Approach | The Sales Manager

Dealing with Uncertainty | a Back to Basics Approach

Hi everybody, Julie here from The Sales Manager. Welcome to this week’s Sales Tip of the Week. And what a week it’s proving to be in business. It’s Thursday 24th September that I’m recording this and, as we’ve seen already, there’s been tightened measures with regard to social distancing. Scotland and Wales have stopped people meeting inside and it looks and feels as though we could be heading toward another lockdown.
For business and business owners, including some of the business owners I’ve been speaking to, it’s been a little bit of an uncertain time again.
The first thing I’m going to say to you is, don’t panic. We can get through this. I would be lying to you if I said that when I heard all this come out on Tuesday, there wasn’t a certain part of me that just went “oh my god, what are we going to do?!”
So, Courtney and I had a bit of a strategy meeting yesterday and we did what I would call a Back to Basics meeting.
What we did was look at all the elements of where our business comes from, and we asked ourselves whether we are really maximising each of these to our advantage.
We looked at:
  • Networking
  • Referral partners
  • Social media
We asked ourselves questions about them, and if we said ‘no, we’re not maximising that’, we put a plan in place to make sure we start doing so.
One thing about networking at this time is that it’s not just about business. I’m finding it great support when meeting up with other business owners and talking to them, sharing ideas and just being a bit of emotional support.
So, if you haven’t tried networking, maybe investigate that because it can help you through.
So the message I think from me today is, go back to basics, look at where your business comes from. If you’re not sure, just print off your invoicing list from the past 12 or 18 months and look at where that business came from.
From there, if you’re not maximising those, put yourself a plan in place to really make sure that you’re reaching out and making the most of those business opportunities.
So, I hope that’s helped! This is Julie from The Sales Manager. We’ll see you next week when we’ll be continuing our series, teaming up with people we know, like and trust that can help those of you looking to build and start your own businesses during this time.
See you next week, take care.

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