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About Us

The Sales Manager offers workshops for micro – small businesses who want to learn sales skills to improve their techniques and ultimately, win more business. Our main aim is take the fear and mystery away from sales, teaching you skills you are comfortable with using in your business.
We are also set up to deliver in-house training programs to sales teams and provide after-support to improve your sales team’s performance.
Our key strengths:
  • One of our trainers is Julie, the M.D. of The Sales Manager and she is selling on a day-to-day basis, so she trains practical application, not just theory.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in Sales.
  • Proven track record of improving sales teams and businesses revenue.
  • Adaptable to small businesses and larger businesses.
  • Ability to work at all levels.
  • Not your stereotypical, in-your-face hard sales people.
  • Experience of managing sales teams.

The launch of The Sales Manager by Julie Futcher, M.D.

Julie-Portrait-cropped.jpg“I worked in recruitment for 20 years where I managed 15 sales people. I achieved a lot in recruitment, in fact, my last role in recruitment, I am proud to say that I increased the sales from 6k per month to 230k in 2 years.
After such a long time in recruitment, I decided that I needed a change. I joined a local printer as a Business Development Manager which involved sales and networking. I was at a networking event where I had been asked to speak on a topic that I knew well. Since my background was being a sales person, I used my speaker slot to talk about how to win more business in meetings, I called it ‘Maximising your Customer Meetings’.
After that session, I had several people come up to me and tell me how much they learnt and how interesting it was. I mentioned that I really enjoy training and someone said, “If you delivered sales training, I would sign up.” Several others agreed.
The idea took root that day.
I decided that I wanted to help small businesses understand that sales isn’t about being aggressive but about building relationships, trust and understanding customer problems. I wanted to train them on how to achieve that and win more business.
I set up The Sales Manager in February 2015. My main goal was to keep my little car on the road (I called her Ruby) and to make it to the end of the year.
My first workshop was delivered to those who had expressed an interest. So, in my dining room, I delivered my first workshop to three guinea pigs, Barbara Bollins, Paul Drake and Natalie Pewsey.
I really enjoyed training them; seeing those light bulb moments and those small smiles creep over their faces when they start to understand and see how it can help them. Then, afterwards hearing about their successes as they implemented my training. It gives me a huge sense of achievement and joy.
Since then, I haven’t looked back. Nearly two years on, I am running 6 core workshops on a regular basis for micro and small businesses. Not only am I working with individuals, I am also delivering in-house training and support for larger companies who want their sales team to be more effective and in turn, win more business.
I am proud of the growth of The Sales Manager and I am excited about future prospects. Watch this space!”
Would you like a successful sales person with a proven track record, to train you on how to be reach your potential and be successful in sales too?