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I booked on the Understanding the Basics of Sales course through NN Connect and woke up on the day with some trepidation as I thought I am going to come right out of my comfort zone. However, it was so different from what I expected – Julie broke down the stigma of Sales to an easy process and helped ensure we prepare before the initial ask to make sure our sales messaging was correct so I am currently preparing to FAB my website. I really enjoyed the course and I look forward to taking more of Julie’s courses as I grow through my business.

Elizabeth Wright
Admin & More

If you need a confidence boost when it comes to sales then I can really recommend the workshop 'Understanding the Basics of Sales'. Julie Futcher from The Sales Manager is fantastic.

Eleanor Lester
Shrewd PR

Sometimes you know where you want to be and the things you need to do to get the results you want, but just need a BIG push in the right direction!! Well that’s certainly me! I have always had a lot of good friends around me ready to help and listen to my moans and groans of running a business, but feel I’m now at the stage where I really need to be taking myself a bit more seriously and getting a grip! I love my job and love what I do so why do I still find it so easy to under value myself when I’m getting compliments for the results! I clicked with Julie straight away, I took some photos of her in my studio as she wanted to update her profile photo (I find most of my clients hate to be in front of the camera (I am no exception) and that they have never had a good experience or photo taken of themselves unless it’s of them looking away)! I love a challenge, we had a laugh and the results were a success. Apparently I need to realise I have a skill and that this is my passion, I love studio work whether it’s making children look adorable or adults to just be themselves. I spent a very informative morning with the lovely Julie, I found her easy to talk to, non-judgemental, funny, down to earth and someone who had been in the ‘sales’ industry for a great number of years and knew what she was talking about. This helped me realise that selling was not a word that I needed to be afraid of! I was asked beforehand what my goals were and where I wanted to take the business, how I wanted it to look, who are my competitors, how much did I need to earn, if there were jobs in the business that I hated doing, could I afford to ask/pay for help, but although I had all the answers for these somewhere in my head it’s only when you get asked that you actually stop chasing your tail and take note. I now feel that from spending a good few hours with Julie that my mind is more focused and I can confidently move forward and set myself realistic goals, get the help I need within my business and still be able to offer something to my clients that’s fair and gives them choice so they keep coming back. And also I’ve learnt to keep quiet once all that is done! I can’t thank Julie enough and am looking forward to joining the sales club Julie runs and continuing this positive feeling. Many Thanks.

Helen Partridge
Live By The Lens

Brilliant morning emersing myself in some CPD with the lovely Julie Futcher. Great sales training which I highly recommend to any business owner even if you think you can sell!!! What a great raffle prize to have won just before Christmas at Aruna's fabulous Christmas network - great job ladies!

Gillian Ormston
Double Trouble Development

If you’re new to running your own business and need support with sales, Julie has to be your go to person. Julie helps you to understand what and why you should plan. She then guides you through the process of improving your business turnover. Julie helped me to remove my fear out of sales, and she’s given me the confidence to promote my business more than ever. Her approach is gentle, supportive, with an element of fun. If Julie can help me, she can help anyone.

Karen Chappell

I am not a natural salesperson and I have been struggling with sales for quite some time. I am pleased I met Julie and attended a number of workshops since. Julie not only found my UPS but provided me with lots of helpful tips to generate new business. What’s most important she help me to build some self-confidence.

Justyna Sodel
NN1 Personnel

Thanks to Julie Futcher, The Sales Manager, for the advice she has recently given to a client. It has really helped her to focus and she is looking forward to putting the training into practice with her team.

Eleanor Lester
Shrewd PR

I had the pleasure of working with Julie in one of her previous lives.....she is an amazingly talented lady with very natural people skills and an excellent sales person too. I have no doubt that she will be an excellent coach to teach the most nervous sales person all they need to know.

Kerry Wood