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In this week’s Sales Tip, Julie concludes her tips on the art of negotiation by discussing what to consider when...more
Do you hate it when the client asks to negotiate? Do you find yourself giving in to their demands and...more
This week's Sales Tip is brought to you by Sian-Blue of our telemarketing team. In it, she shares her tips...more
The interviews are over and you have your new sales person in place, but now what?  In this week's Sales...more
Are you recruiting for sales staff?  This week's Sales Tip might help as Julie shares some of her interview hints...more
Julie is back with Sales Tip of the week and shares her pearls of wisdom about how to successfully recruit...more
Do you feel that you should be doing cold calling to grow your business, but the thought feels you with...more
Testimonials sell when sales people don't!  In this week's Sales Tip Julie discusses the power of testimonials in the sales...more
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