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Top tips to give you motivation!

Whether it’s a cold call to a new prospective client or a follow up of a lead or enquiry it can be difficult to motivate yourself to pick up the phone to make these calls. Here are my tried and tested techniques to set your attitude and set the environment ready to sell.
1. Tea & Biscuits
This is my first and most important tip. Nothing says calm and collected like it, so make a cup of tea and grab yourself a digestive biscuit. It sounds simple but setting your attitude before you pick up the phone is one of the best ways to sound ready and confident once you do.
Remember, the best sales people never sound like a salesperson so relaxing with your cuppa before you call sets the tone and puts your mind at rest (just make sure you’re not still crunching away when they answer the phone!).
2. Play Your Favourite Music
Cold calling prospective clients doesn’t have to be fearful; it can be fun... if you make it! This first interaction is the perfect opportunity to try out a new joke – remember the power of humour in sales – or test a new power question. Your skill at getting past the gatekeeper depends on your ability to build a good relationship with them.
So, before you pick up the phone create an environment and atmosphere of fun; blast your favourite tunes, sing along, take a sip of tea, and dial the number.
3. Be Prepared
Being organised before you pick up the phone gives you an immediate competitive advantage. It helps you get passed the gatekeeper and either reach the decision maker directly or gather the information you need to effectively follow up the call. Preparing yourself to call a prospect doesn’t have to take all day. These days, the ‘tinternet’ is the perfect place to quickly find the name (or names) of the decision maker you need; LinkedIn is a great place to start and most companies list names and contact details on their website. Knowing who you want to speak to or book an appointment with is crucial to getting a good result from a call.
Getting a sense of the needs and wants of a company or individual before you call helps to personalise your message and this, as I’ve experienced many times, makes a success out of telesales.
4. Know your Objectives
It is important to know your objectives before you make a call. Whether you are calling to pitch a sale, speak to the decision maker directly, secure a contact name and extension number or book an appointment, having the right information and questions prepared to achieve your desired outcome is crucial. Remember, the gatekeeper’s job is to ensure the decision maker is not inundated with sales calls so remember to get to the point swiftly and succinctly with your prepared opening line.
In my Tips for Telesales / Telemarketing post I emphasised the importance of setting yourself three objectives. You need a best case scenario; in recruitment this would be securing a job, a follow up; securing a meeting, and, lastly, an arrangement to keep in touch. Set your objectives in line with your own business, decide before you call and persist.
5. Build Strong Relationships
My final tip for taking the fear out of making a cold call is to remember you are calling to build a relationship with the person on the other end of the phone. That’s what sales is all about. Use humour, have fun, take the risk and just go for it. In my experience, the most successful people are the ones who know how to make their clients remember them. By taking the time to develop that relationship, you will pave the way for a call which will successfully achieve your objectives.