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CRM System can increase revenue in your business!

CRM systems are amazing tools and can really give your sales team a competitive edge and increase your revenue, if used well.  But what is a CRM system and how can it help me, I hear you cry!  Well …
Let’s start at the very beginning, what is a CRM system?
CRM programs are basically software which collect client information, track activity and aid organisation of sales/marketing campaigns. Examples of CRM programs include Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Capsule. They manage your email, social media and to-do lists as well as tracking performance and progress. Most CRM systems allow multiple users to access the same information, meaning everyone in the team is on the same page when speaking with clients. This is invaluable in maintaining an organised and professional appearance. CRM programs come with different capacities depending on the needs and scale of your business. This obviously aligns with different costs for different sized organisations. In short, CRM systems are great!
Why are they great?
An obvious example of why CRM programs are useful is because they collect all the information you and your team needs into one place. This is then accessible to anyone communicating with a client to see what progress has been made with them. Most systems also have an app version so information is available through smart phones on the go. We all know how important it is to be flexible and mobile and a good CRM system makes this infinitely easier... trust me!
You’re less likely to fall behind on following up your sales calls, quotes or new prospects when using a CRM system. Reminders can be set to make sure you, or a member of your team, are on top of schedules and on time sending emails and making calls. The more sophisticated programs are even capable of doing this for you by sending out an appropriate template or pre-penned email to a schedule. Much like programs such as Hootsuite do for social media, CRM systems can do for your sales communications.
But there’s one REALLY great reason why you should be purchasing and using a CRM program.
I mentioned above that the most valuable aspect of your system is that it collates all your client data, files and communications together. What this means is that your CRM is basically your whole business in one program. It is your whole business in one piece of cloud-backed-up, not dependent on a single hard-drive, piece of software!
Should you wish to pass on or sell your business it is effectively the CRM system you sell. If for any reason you are unable to continue business or be present for a period of time, everything someone else needs to pick up the workload is there in an easily manageable, integrated system. My mantra over the years has always been ‘if it’s not on the system, it doesn’t exist’! This is a pretty invaluable safeguard.
How does implementing a CRM system increase revenue in your business?
So, now we know exactly why CRM systems are great tools for managing your workload and client data, I’m going to look at how they can be used specifically to increase your businesses income. If I’m honest, this is largely about organisation. It’s having an easy tracking process in place to view where to target new clients and follow up leads. CRM systems establish routines in your sales process, meaning fewer interactions are necessary to get to the closing point of a sale. Moreover, through the app, sales can be made outside of the office, on the go or wherever suits you.
Lastly, and this is my BIGGEST tip, CRM systems help you cross-sell (selling additional products/services) and up-sell (selling more expensive versions) to existing clients. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of sales. Your CRM system will include every piece of information you have on a client; purchase history, previous correspondence and everything I’ve discussed above. By using this information intelligently you can make suitable pitches without disintegrating your hard won relationship by bombarding clients with irrelevant or inappropriate offers. This can contribute to a short term or long term sales strategy, but, most importantly, thanks to your CRM, it will be an intelligent one!
So there we have it. If you’re not using a CRM system for yourself or your sales team yet... start now! They’re great for organising your sales approach, managing data, tracking progress and, most importantly, increasing revenue.